About Us

Guido Tenuta was born with ambition. Growing up on a farm in Southern Italy gave him plenty of time to daydream about his future. His intuition constantly reminded him of a different life. After graduating from High School, Guido immigrated to America in 1970. He immediately took on a part time job as a produce clerk in Chicago. Later, Guido opened his own stores alongside his family. A&G opened in 1977, accompanied by Family Fruit Market in 1992. Although extremely happy with his success, Mr. Tenuta still wished for more.

After 20 years, Guido Tenuta finally invested in the dream of a lifetime. Eurofresh Market opened its doors in May of 1996. It was an impressive accomplishment for one man, but to Guido, it would prove to be a great struggle.

Although doubtful at times, Guido held his faith in God and managed not only to survive, but to prosper. As years passed, Guido beamed with pride as thousands of new faces flocked to discover what Eurofresh had to offer. Today, people know and love Eurofresh for its competitive prices, fresh produce, unbelievable deli and amazing imports.

Guido's consistency and urge to provide only the best strongly shines through. His appreciation for each and every customer is immeasurable. Mr. Tenuta is admired by many for his honesty, hard work and positive outlook. His main inspiration includes his family and love for life. Being down to earth has guided Guido to set realistic goals for himself, making achievement definite. The future looks brighter every day for Mr. Guido Tenuta and especially for Eurofresh Market.

Family Owned & Operated Business